About Us

Michiels Poured Walls is a family-owned and operated company opened by Clarence “Peanuts” Michiels in the 1960s. Working as a mason, Peanuts originally did block basements, brick, and stone work. His son and current owner Mike Michiels joined the team after graduating from high school in 1987.

It was during the 1980s that the Michiels bought their first wood forms and began pouring concrete. By 1988 they bought their first aluminum forms and their first boom truck, and have upgraded their forms, trucks, and technology in the years that followed.
One constant throughout the history of Michiels Poured Walls is a commitment to customer satisfaction. Michiels takes pride in its reputation for flexibility, efficiency, and quality. The team gets in and gets the job done on time, typically in just one day, so customers can move on to the next phase of construction.

Mike works on every job, leading the Michiels’ team of experienced concrete professionals as they pour basements, footings, foundations, retaining walls, or whatever the customer needs. Mike says it’s rewarding work. He can pour a basement or retaining wall and then stand back and see the results. The quality is visibly evident in every job.

Michiels Poured Walls stands behind its motto, “Foundations to Build On,” and knows the importance of a solid and strong foundation for the life of a home, barn, or garage. Trust the concrete professionals at Michiels Poured Walls for your next construction project. Contact us at 920-621-9890 for a free estimate.